Take a warm and cold shower. Which type of bath is better for your skin’s health?

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Bathing is something that everyone does on a daily basis at least 2 times a day. Bathing in addition to helping cleanse the body cleanses it. It also helps the body to be refreshed. And it’s good for skin health as well. But do you know what temperature showering is truly good for our skin? Because of good skin health Naturally, this comes from taking a shower at the right temperature. So, first of all, let’s take a look at taking a cold shower and a warm shower. What differences will there be?

Cold shower

Cold water is the temperature of the water that helps refresh the body. But for people who are not used to it Taking a cold shower can be a bit cruel. Many people therefore choose to shower too quickly. Until it is uncertain whether the dirt that clings to the skin will really be washed away cleanly or not. This may be a disadvantage for people who do not like to take cold showers. So avoid taking a shower or take a quick shower instead.

But in terms of advantages In addition to making you fresh Cold water also makes you feel good. Helps in burning fat Strengthen immunity Makes the skin smooth not rough It can also help retain water to nourish the skin compared to hot water. But during the cold weather Cold showers can also cause abnormal blood circulation. and may even go into shock. ยููฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com/

Taking a warm bath

Taking a warm shower will help your body feel relaxed. This will allow you to shower for a long time comfortably and also help wash away dirt completely. Because warm water helps open the pores more than a cold shower. It also helps reduce swelling in the body. Helps the blood circulation system work well. But if you take a long hot shower It can cause the skin to lose moisture, making it dry and rough. And if you just finished exercising and then take a warm shower May cause the body to lose water. and more fatigued than before as well

How to shower for good skin health

Therefore, the best It is choosing to take a cold shower in the morning to wake up the body and feel refreshed and alert, and choosing to take a warm shower in the evening or at night. To make the body feel relaxed and sleep well, or some people may choose to take a warm shower to open the pores. It will be good for washing away dirt. Then finish with cold water again. To restore freshness animated It’s a good choice. However, no matter what kind of shower you choose, You should consider the weather conditions. and the environment at that time, such as heavy rain, cold weather, taking a cold shower would not be very appropriate Or even if the weather is very hot, bathing in too hot water is not suitable for adjusting the body’s temperature as well. Because it may cause illness.

Bathing, although it’s a simple thing to do, is something you shouldn’t overlook. Choosing the right water temperature in various situations will not only make your skin healthy, but it will also improve your skin’s health. It also makes the body strong. Not sick either.